The 3x Formula1 World Champion History

The end of the 2006 recipe one season flagged the end of time. Alonso won his second back to back big showdown; Michael Schumacher resigned and the universe of Formula one looked as though it was going to free a greater amount of its taking after and bid.


Quick forward to the start of the 2007 season and somewhat known driver by the name of Lewis Hamilton was going to shake things up and take the universe of equation one by the tempest. The greatest inquiry on the most people groups lip was who is he, where did he originate from and how high would he say he is? The initial two inquiries are genuinely straight forward to reply; he is showing the response to the third question as the ebb and flow season advances.

Conceived on the seventh January 1985 in Stevenage, Herts., Lewis Hamilton started his hustling vocation the same number of other F1 greats, matured eight dashing Karts. He spent the following years of his life working his way up the Karting positions, winning races and titles and procuring consideration from some huge names in engine hustling, most eminently Team McLaren. In 1999 Lewis was marked by F1 Mercedes AMG to the driver advancement bolster program. Vitally this agreement incorporated the likelihood of a Formula one drive in future years. By 2001 Lewis had progressed through the positions and started his auto dashing vacation in the British equation Renault winter arrangement. The next year he joined the Manor Motorsport group in the Formula Renault title, completing third generally speaking with three wins and three shaft positions. He stayed with the group in 2003 winning the title and even made his Formula three introduction in the last race of the season.

Throughout the following couple of years, Lewis Hamilton ruled Formula three preceding joining the GP” arrangement in 2006 with the ART Grand Prix group and winning the title in his first year, an indication of things to come possibly! The 2006 GP2 season showed Lewis’ extraordinary driving capacity with rapid surpassing moves, quickest laps, and an expert methodology.


The end of the 2006 Formula one season saw huge changes to the McLaren recipe, one group. Columbian driver Juan Pablo Montoya quit the group for a profession in NASCAR while partner Kimi Raikkonen joined opponent group, Ferrari. Group director Ron Dennis has as of now figured out how to sign ruling best on the planet Fernando Alonso for the main spot in the group and theory was overflowing around who might go along with him. Following quite a while of bits of gossip and mystery McLaren at long last declared in late November 2006 that Lewis Hamilton would join the group.

Thus the 2007 season started, McLaren were content in the way that they had the dominant best on the planet driving one of their autos and had a certain and capable driver number two to bolster him. This would give an enormous and truly necessary help in interest in the UK as well as around the globe for Formula One. Little did anybody think exactly how things were going to turn out and how their newcomer was going to make Formula one history. A genuine legend is really taking shape.

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